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Writer Walter Kinge publishes his last novel in his career

Walter Kinge had been a novelist since he was eighteen years old. He gained fame quickly with his debut novel, "Death's Fork," and continued to write more books as the years went by. Every book he wrote was better than the last, and readers eagerly awaited every new installment in Walter's series about Detective Senloh Kameez.

"Mansion of Terror" – a fittingly dramatic title for such an eventful finale in his career as a writer

However, at the age of 53, Walter announced that it was time for him to retire from writing novels. His last book would be titled "Mansion of Terror" – a fittingly dramatic title for such an eventful finale in his career as a writer. After all, Walter had made it clear from the beginning that this was what he intended to do - write fifteen novels and then move onto something else in life. Fans were sad but also excited to see what this final book could bring them; they knew it must contain some special surprises if it marked Walter’s retirement after all these years!

The day finally came when "Mansion of Terror" hit the shelves – and readers weren't disappointed! The story within its pages lived up to expectations: full of mystery, suspense, and drama right until the very end. It seemed almost symbolic that Detective Senloh retired too after this case – almost as if they both wanted to go out on top together.

With great sadness but plenty of anticipation for what comes next in their lives, fans bid farewell to their beloved author Walter Kinge on his retirement day… What will become of him now without writing? Nobody knows yet... But one thing is certain: through his works he has left behind something truly remarkable.

Author Kinge at his house

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