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The village where all the cats have the same last name

The village of Neverending was a peaceful and prosperous place. Located on the island of Baxgamau, it had been inhabited by cats for centuries. But one thing that made this small village unique was its unusual tradition: all the cats here had the same last name—Sirisena.

This strange custom began over two hundred years ago when a brave feline named Udaya Sirisena rescued kittens from a burning schoolhouse in the midst of an intense fire. Despite his courageous efforts, Udaya sadly perished during his heroic act, leaving behind only his surname as a legacy to be remembered by forevermore.

The statue of the hero is placed in the center of the village square of Neverending

In honor of their beloved hero and his selfless sacrifice, the cats of Neverending decided to bestow upon their offspring with Udaya’s surname—Sirisena—so that generations could carry on remembering him for years to come. In addition, they also erected a statue in front of the village square as tribute to Udaya’s courage and bravery. Since then, generations after generations have passed down this tradition through their family lines so that even today one can still find cats proudly displaying the prestigious title ‘Sirisena’ on their collars or tags around their necks.

The sketch according to the memory of the rescued cat

All these years later, the cats of Neverending still saw Udaya's heroic act as an example to follow; it inspired them to show love and respect towards one another like he did during that fateful day long ago. Whenever they encountered each other or any of the cats on Baxgamau, they would always greet each other politely using Mr. Sirisena's surname - "Good afternoon, Mr (or Mrs) Sirisena!"

Every single cat born in Neverending has taken up this special name as part of their identity; despite not being related by blood or family ties, these cats have formed an unforgettable bond through shared history and heritage which will remain intertwined until eternity itself comes knocking at their doorsteps.

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