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The strange hobby of the rich Merrowbarrow: Spend thousands of RFIs to sleep in space

Many richkid cats in Merrowbarrow pay a large amount of money to spend on their own entertainment, even spending more than 800000 RFI just sleeping 1 day in space.

The truth is the hobby of finding a place to sleep appeared in the 16th century among the Finn nobility, then spread to other countries. But in the past 5 years, this hobby has thrived significantly along with the development of space technology. In just a short time, the community "finding a place to sleep in space" has attracted thousands of billionaires.

Sleeping in space

Unlike the space stations floating in the sky, Cat-22 has been built over the Eastver Sea, for the masses, the spacecraft will carry wealthy passengers to a special place in space, then let them hang for 2 days without being disturbed by anyone. This is an extremely enjoyable experience, because the space is completely free of noises and distractions from others, so guests can sleep peaceful and comfortable.

To sleep in space, passengers need suits - especially quality helmets. Protective gear is very diverse in types, colors, sizes and shapes. There are quite a few designs for capitalist tycoons to choose from, of which the most popular one is square. The square is the image of the box in the theory of "Cat in the box", according to the concept of the rich, Cat-22 is synonymous with luck and fortune. Round shape - like a food bowl for cats, helping to associate with fullness and fullness, is also a shape that many owners are interested in. As long as meeting demand of billionaires, suppliers have a large source of outfit with high quality.

Wearing a helmet has become such a hot trend that many billionaires have flown into space not to sleep, but just to take selfies with helmets to send back to earth . For them, the more pictures taken with many unique types of space helmets, the more they can prove powerfully their wealth and playability.

Of course, in order to sleep in space, passengers have to follow many strict requirements. Firstly, you must have money. Most of the passengers on the space sleep tour are technology billionaires such as billionaire Serguy Bruh of Guuuhre Group, billionaire Olen Mustafi of Thales Group. Of course, not everyone is interested in sleeping in space. Beta corporation boss Mad Mark is an example, because he prefers to sleep in a virtual universe that he created himself. The second condition is that the passenger must be physically fit enough to sleep for 2 consecutive days. If you only sleep for a short time, passengers will wake up in the middle of a quiet space and will feel very bored and tired. Finally, a commitment not to vomit while wearing a helmet.

Sleeping in space

Accompanying Service

Services that follow the trend of sleeping in space are also flourishing, the most prominent of which is the service "Drawing portraits in space". With this service, passengers will experience sleeping while being painted by famous artists.

Portrait painting is the most effective way to flaunt power and wealth. A portrait also has the ability to convey the author's intentions through clothes and gestures, and gives insight into the character's personality and psychology. The face not only tells the viewer what the character's appearance is, but also a story behind, through each eye, smile, or corner of the lips. Portrait is a deep sea with secret emotions, filled with many emotions of the character or the author of the work. Therefore, portrait painting, especially oil painting, is an extremely expensive service. The estimated cost for a space portrait is 20,000 RFI. However, this service is still in a state of out-of-stock, supply is not enough demand.

Drawing portraits in space

As noted by our reporters, there are currently 3-4 companies in Finn capital which register for a sleeping tour in this universe, but customers who want to buy must also book in advance and the quantity is not much.

Artworks in space: