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The great artist Lee Cat Cat

Lee Cat Cat (851-945), was a famous artist of Forestie.

The portrait of Lee Cat Cat

He was born in Hacha village, Dana province. Growing in a family of cat sand traders, but Cat Cat has demonstrated a talent for painting since he was a child. When he was 9 years old, on an occasion to follow his father to deliver cat sand to the famous Far Forest painting school, he was fascinated by the art of painting. Although his parents wanted him to focus on studying business to develop and support his family's career, Cat Cat still taught himself to draw in spare time. In just 8 years, by the age of 17, his name was well known in the art world and he was revered as a master of painting. From the age of 20 to 35, Cat Cat toured many sights throughout the Forestsite. At the age of 39, he officially created a painting school that combines cat portraits and landscapes, the famous Cat-Cat school.

Lin Cat Cat is famous as a Forestie painter whose portraits and landscapes are full of bold and contrasting contrasts. His paintings often have cat portraits in the foreground, mountains and rivers, flowers, and trees in the background. His pen strokes are liberal, but also extremely meticulous and delicate when necessary.

In 920, Lin Cat Cat was made professor emeritus of the Far Forest School of Painting.

In 925, he was elected president of the Forestie Painting Society.

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