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The Dough Re Mi Sleep Competition

The Dough Re Mi Sleep Competition is held at Finn's Sie National Park in early September every year. During the 36 years since its first organization, the contest has always attracted a large number of contestants and spectators. The purpose of Dough Re Mi is to honor the sleep value of cats, and at the same time convey the message "Sleep more, be happier".

The central lawn of Sie National Park - where the competition take place

At the beginning of the competition, the contestants will go to the central lawn in the park, where there is warm sunshine and conduct… sleep continuously for 7 days in a row. Each cat is fitted with a sensor device to monitor sleep. Except for sudden awakenings or waking up to eat (if any), all of their sleep times are counted as valid, and are updated live on a large screen outside the sleeping area.

Pictures of contestants sleeping in the competition

Cats can bring any furniture to help them sleep, as long as it doesn't make a loud noise to disturb other contestants. In addition to the main prize for the cat who sleeps the longest, the contest also has sub prizes such as the most unique attachment, the cat with the funniest sleeping position, the cat that moves the most while sleeping, and more.

In addition to the contestants in the main lawn area, in the vicinity, the organizers also create many fun activities and interesting exhibitions. There are fair stalls specializing in home furniture, food stalls, and exciting new games.

Some remarkable achievements of the Dough Re Mi contest can be mentioned: The cat who holds the record for the longest sleep in 7 days is Gage Kact from Paws Island. She slept for 6 days and 23 hours, and only spent 1 hour on the 4th day to eat and go to the toilet. Another special impression is that in the 29th year contest, Gelmiro Illo - a young cat from the capital Sie had sleepwalking on the first night. Gelmiro crossed the park unconsciously in the eyes of everyone's astonishment. Then he went up to the office where he worked and sat down and wrote cryptic characters all night. In the morning, Gelmiro woke up on his desk, surrounded by curious journalists and reporters. Although he did not win the prize for violating the exam regulations, his case also caused a stir in the city cat community, and sparked a wave of protests against companies that force employees to work continuously in many hours, leading to obsession with work. The happy ending came to Gelmiro Illo when a famous stationery company accepted him to work with good compensation and fewer working hours than the old company.

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