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The defecation gang continues to rage in Eastern Sie

The gang of cats who make a mess over the city first appeared as early as July 2522 in the Imeduin district of Finn's capital Sie. 2 months have passed, but oh sh*t! Imeduin's functional forces have not been able to catch these dirty cats.

In the early morning of July 13, 2522, Mr. Gunathilaka living at 76 Setov Street was shocked to discover many piles of sh*t scattered in the flower garden in his yard. Initially, the police thought that the sh*t were the result of a night of drinking by young cats. On the way home, they could not help but defecate and defecated in Mr. Gunathilaka's garden.

10 days later, residents around also encountered the same situation. Foul faeces, and even urine, were lying on the sidewalks of Punkata Street. Given the serious nature of the incident, the simple cause of drunken youth was immediately eliminated. Thinking that this was a deliberate act, the police immediately planned to set up a special case committee.

A pile of sh*t on the sidewalk of Punkata Street. At the request of Ms. Eralla Pukin, the reporter asked for permission to crop the part of the image with the house number so as not to affect the food business of the owner.

The task force had not yet been established when half a month later, on August 9, a cat reported to the police after seeing many piles of sh*t floating on Lake Agahend, in Imeduin Central Park. The fact that Lake Agahend, where cats still come to wash their ass after pooping on the lawn around the park, has made the people of the county go crazy and they demand that the authorities catch the criminals.

"No one is allowed to touch our ass wash," said one angry cat living nearby. It is known that Agahend is still the cleanest, most open and widest lake in eastern Sie from 2511 to the present, according to the votes of residents of Sie city. Dare to defecate in such a place is an act of defiance, disregarding the city's residents.

Despite the appearance of floating faeces, Lake Agahend still looks beautiful and mysterious in the early morning. Photo taken by the person who discovered the scene, just before he alerted the police.

On the same day, August 9, immediately, a special team named "Make Imeduin clean as before" (Make Imeduin clean again) was established by the district government to solve this case. The special case committee consists of the best police in the field of investigating and solving crimes quickly. Even the district police department invited the leading gastroenterologist of Sie central hospital to consult. The head of the special team is Inspector Adeetha Kulatunga, famous for the "Wall 007" case in 2518. (In this case, Inspector Adeetha made a big achievement when he caught the biggest graffiti gang in the country Finn, detailing what happened. check here).

Inspector Adeetha (left) and Dr. Mudagog (right) - the leading doctor of the gastroenterology department of Sie central hospital, Finn are the two key personnel in this investigation into a mysterious crime.

Under the pressure of public imperative, the police conducted an investigation throughout the area around the crime scene of the perpetrator. However, somehow, the defecation gang evaded all the security cameras of both the home and the Imeduin central park which is unbelievable. They either commit crimes in the camera's blind spot, or know exactly which camera is broken to take advantage of. “I think this gang has 3-5 guys according to the number of piles of sh*t at the scene. One of them may be a hacker or very knowledgeable about security cameras,” said Inspector Adeetha.

Seemingly aware of the tension in the investigation, the defecation gang halted the crime for a short period of time. Until early morning today, September 3, 2522, the police received many calls from people reporting the crime via the hotline. This time, plies of sh*t appeared in the middle of Lalalind Road - the town's famous romantic street.

The first witness of the case, Mr. Pukachi and his lover Rodé recounted, “At that time, my girlfriend and I were on our way to Hollycuz Hill to watch the dawn of the early autumn days. It was not yet morning so there was almost nobody in the street. When I got to Lalalind, I slowed down the car to smell the flowers on both sides of the road, but after walking for a while, I smelled the stench because we were at the end of the wind. At first I thought it was the smell from Rode's mouth, but when I saw that she also hesitated to kiss me, I realized something was wrong. I found out what wasn't right when I saw a pile of sh*t right in front of the car. Of course, Rode immediately called the police. Luckily I caught it in time, otherwise the car would have run over that disgusting thing. So yes, We had a failed romantic morning together.”

Lalalind Street in the early morning

The installation of protective barriers caused Lalalind Road to be blocked for about 3-4 hours. This has made a lot of cats feel frustrated and increasingly hate the defecation gang. In the early afternoon, Inspector Adeetha announced that officers had discovered very faint cat footprints right next to the piles of sh*t. “Perhaps they were in a hurry to hide when they saw a vehicle approaching from afar. The special team is comparing the fingerprints with the criminal database across the country and will have the results soon."

Award announcement for information about defecation gang on Punkata street. The prize is 10000 RFI

At the moment, reporters are still actively monitoring the developments of this public-confusion case and will inform readers in the next edition.

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