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The ancient celestial God and the Elders

Ancient Celetial Palace underground Underie.

In Finn's existence, we cannot forget to include the elders of the Ancient God Celestial. With their intelligence and secret knowledge, the Celestial Elders have always stood side by side with the Finn kings to fulfill their ambitions of building up forces and expanding the realm.

Portrait of a Great Celestial Elder.

Elders were recruited and trained from a young age in the Old Temple of Celestial. The Ancient Temple is an ancient sect that worships the ancient Gods who created this world.

There are 4 Celestial Gods, representing the 4 primordial elements that created this world: Earth, Water, Fire, and Wind. Many people will immediately understand these are the four elements solid, liquid, gas, and warmth.

However, according to the great elders, this is only a level 1 understanding of the Ancient God. Actually, Earth - Water - Fire - Wind does not refer to substances, but to elements.

Earth: Expansion. It is thanks to this expansion that matter can occupy a certain amount of space. Any object that occupies a volume of space is called the Earth element. Thus, Earth is not just land. A river also has Earth. A wind also has Earth. The Earth element is everywhere.

Water: Alignment. As scientists have discovered, molecules bind together to form solids, liquids, and gases, which in turn create matter and the world. They always interact (attract and repel) each other. That connection is the Water element. Without alignment, nothing can take shape. If the Water element is strong, solids are created. If the Water element is weaker, we have a liquid or a gas. The Water Element - Connection - is everywhere, even present in expansion.

Wind: Movement. The motion not only operates within each matter itself, but also the relative motion between one matter and another. An object is said to be at rest or in motion when a specific point is set. However, nothing is considered as a completely motionless object in the universe. When it is motionless with one, it moves with another. Passengers in the car may be considered motionless with the vehicle, but moving relative to the trees on the side of the road. Besides, the passenger himself will never be completely still between two successive moments of time. All the movements mentioned above are wind elements. Thus, Wind is also present everywhere.

Fire: Heat/cold. Thanks to the Wind element, the molecules constituting matter are in constant motion inside matter. And when the molecules are in constant chaotic motion, they will create a source of energy in the form of kinetic energy. The higher the kinetic energy of an object, the faster the molecules that make up the object will move and the greater the thermal energy of the object. In other words, the Fire element is closely related to the Wind element. Determining the "hot" or "cold" factor in an object is only relative. When we say "cold" we mean that the temperature of one object is lower than the temperature of another. When we say "hot" we mean the object has a higher temperature. Thus, "hot" and "cold" are both an element of temperature and are both properties of Fire. Fire is also present everywhere.

Any substance includes all 4 elements of Earth, Water, Fire, and Wind. When looking at everything in general, the Celestial believers found that there is no single object in the universe that exists independently, but is always interrelated with other matter. This is the second level understanding of the four elements that the Great Elders have learned and passed down throughout the history of Old Godism. No one doubts it, because it is too true to the cosmic order. That is also the reason why Celestial believers divided this World into 4 regions: Heaven (Finn), Earth (Underie), Forest (Forestie), Plain (Grassandie). 4 Celestial gods, each representing an element, together created this world.

However, there is still one more level 3 interpretation. This third-degree understanding was not originally taught in the orthodox ancient Celestial scriptural system. It was discovered by a new millennial genius elder of Old God: Elder Plumpie.

Portrait of Elder Pumpie

Elder Plumpie (December 10, year 1080 – July 3, year 1220), of the Sphynx clan, was a religious reformer. When he was young, Plumpie was a skilled rocker. He never thought he would be a Celestial elder until he read the scriptures on the four elements of Old Godism by accident.

Plumpie's understanding of the Four Celestial Elements has challenged the authority of the Great Elders of today. According to Plumpie, the level 2 understanding of 4 elements, of how the world works on 4 factors is not wrong, but that does not help the cat itself. Religion, Plumpie notes, was created because there must be a way to make cats happier, but it's clear that interpreting the world in terms of rules doesn't make us any happier. The world revolves around 1 sun, then 3 moons revolve around the world, how does it help our happiness? So, while it's not wrong, it's clear that the purpose of those four elements in Old Celestialism is not to explain the world. So what effect does it have? After spending two years of intensive research, Plumpie directly dismissed the ancient Celestial gods and offered the third level of understanding of the four elements: Mind.

Plumpie explains that what makes us happy or sad is our mind. Religion is made to make us happy, so its target is the mind. So these 4 elements Earth, Water, Fire, Wind are metaphors for how the mind is working. If Earth refers to the appearance of a thought (or imagination) in the mind, then Water is the association between states of mind. Example: When we see food, if we are hungry, a state of mind "feels good" appears in the mind, and then due to association, a state of mind "craving" comes next. Wind is the movement from one state to another, from one thought to another. Finally, Fire, which refers to a state of mind that is hot (painful, uncomfortable), cold (sad, tired), or neutral (misty, …), Plumpie explains, understanding the emergence When four factors appear in our mind, we can eliminate those factors to not only achieve happiness, but also become the Creator.

Plumpie's thought had a profound influence on the theology of ancient Celestialism. His attempt to call the church back to the inside, rather than outward, led to the formation of new trends. With these trends, the Celestial gods are just illustrations of the cat's mental states after removing the elements of Earth, Water, Fire, and Wind. The Zen religion was also heavily influenced by Plumpie.

Celestial Water, Earth, Fire and Wind Portrait: