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Pinfold is taking pictures for customers at his photo shop

Being overweight has been a hot topic of conversation for over 20 years in rural areas across Cat-22, and has slowly spread to major cities like Finn's capital, Sie. Despite the continuous propaganda by the governments of the countries about the consequences of obesity, many cats still maintain their unhealthy living and eating habits, even creating an "overweight trend" taking place over a long period of time. Being in shape is not in their dictionary.

Rural areas from the south of Skie (starting from Meorucan town) to the north of the Riverie (the foothills of Mount Rugterel) witnessed a steady increase of 3-7% of overweight cats in the past 10 years (according to statistics of the General Department of Finn National Nutrition). Fat cats are all oversized and weigh beyond the threshold of normal cats. There are children weighing up to 18kg and all day around the house with very limited activities.

Not official information, but many nutritionists believe that the "culprit" of the "Overweight Trend" is Pias Pinfold - a cat that is not even overweight at all.

Pias Pinfold is a middle-aged photographer from the town of Meorucan and owns a small photography shop. On a chance occasion, he took a picture of his son Anolf sitting idly in the living room due to a weight disorder, inactivity. Loved the photo, Pias named it "Portrait of my son - Anolf Pinfold" and then hung it in a solemn place in his photo shop.

The photo named "Portrait of my son - Anolf Pinfold"

Not long after, billionaire Damocles on a trip to visit Pias Pinfold's photo shop and saw the owner's photo accidentally. Owning a food processing corporation and also a rather overweight cat, Damocles felt extremely sympathetic to Anolf, he was even moved to tears. On that very day, the billionaire did not regret buying the photo "Portrait of my son - Anolf Pinfold" for 10 million RFI. This record price surprised not only the Pinfold family, but also the entire Meorucan countryside.

Portrait of billionaire Damocles

The incident caused the cat residents of Meorucan and the surrounding towns to begin to believe that being overweight would bring good luck. The overweight movement also started since then. Initially, the cats practiced a lazy lifestyle, doing nothing all day, eating a lot of unhealthy foods such as industrial seeds, sugary and fatty drinks. After that, many cats went to Mr. Pias Pinfold's shop to take pictures and bring the pictures to hang in their homes. Strangely, although not a single photo has been purchased for millions of RFI, all the families who own a fat cat portrait find it very flattering. Even the pictures are considered a talisman of happiness, because every cat looks very "full", funny and happy.

The painting "Friend Lolo" by surrealist artist Jar Morley, a work in the "Overweight Movement"

Still alive and well maintained by many of today's modern cats, the overweight movement has always made healthy cats uncomfortable. Still, there's no denying that fat cats provide a definite economic boost, especially in the food and fast food industry. Moreover, according to some cats, they do no harm to anyone and do nothing extreme but sleep all day and enjoy life without any activities.

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