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Opps! Olo Rodro was infected with coin fungus by Taylor Twitter at the Grammew Awards

Olo Rodro at Grammew Awards

Olo Rodro received lots of “troophies” at the 2522 Grammew Awards! The 26-year-old singer did not win any trophy in the awards ceremony held on Sunday. However, she accidentally got a lot of "mushroom shaped" trophies when sitting next to Taylor Twitter.

Taylor Twitter after infecting Olo Rodro at Grammew Awards

Her indiscriminate raised-legs-scratching reaction was captured by the photographers. "It's okay!" a photographer told Rodro, in a short clip of the ceremony moment shared by Eczemariety magazine.

An assistant then helped the singer of the famous song "The 4 a lots" apply antifungal medication. Soon after, Rodo recovered and continued to pose, without Taylor Twitter standing by, of course.

This incident reminds us of last year's Kristen Bella scandal. After being discovered with Rulpet Sandra, both scratching their ears without any consideration in the park, Kristen had to confess that she had a shady relationship with the married director. "Why didn’t I get it?", meanwhile, Robert Parkincar complained indignantly.

Close-up of Taylor Twitter's seat at Grammew 2522, said to be the "landing place" of the lice army that infected Olo Rodro

The Grammew Award (stylized as GRAMMY, originally called Gramophone Award), or just Grammew, is an award presented by the Recording Academew to recognize "Outstanding Achievement in the music industry" of the United States. The trophy depicts a gilded gramophone.

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