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Old cats worries about children refusing to get married

Mrs. Kibble, a 50-year-old cat, was concerned that her grandchildren were not getting married and starting their own families. Mrs. Kibble had always been a traditionalist when it came to her children's futures. She wanted them to grow up, find nice partners, and settle down in a cozy home with lots of little kitties running around. So when she heard that the adult marriage rate was down 5% from last year and expected to decrease even more next year, she was worried for her kids' futures.

Mrs. Kibble and the anxiety of old age

Mrs. Kibble decided to take matters into her own paws and host a "marriage seminar" at her house for all of the eligible cats living within walking distance!

She bought some delicious tuna treats as incentives for those who attended, hoping this would entice them to come listen to what she had to say on the importance of marriage and family life. Unfortunately, only two cats showed up - Chambrs Best (28) and Paws Catterson (30). The other cats were either too busy working or found more interesting things to do than attend an old cat's lecture on marriage!

Her children only go out to drink and talk but not dating

Chambrs listened intently as Mrs. Kibble talked about how joyous it is when a couple gets married, have cubs together, grow old together... but at the end of it all he could only smile weakly before saying goodbye politely. He didn't want any tuna treats either - he said they weren't necessary because he already felt full from his experience listening to Mrs Kibble's stories!

Paws Catterson nodded along while Mrs. Kibble talked but then simply said: "No, thank you Grandma" when offered some food afterwards; clearly indicating that although he appreciated being invited over for tea time with an elderly cat whose intentions are good - Paws wasn't ready yet for such binding commitments like marriage and raising children just yet!

Mr and Mrs Kibble and their single grandchildren

Mrs. Kibble sighed after both young cats left; feeling defeated despite making a valiant effort towards helping out her grandkids find someone special like she did many years ago.

Despite Mrs. Kibble's concerns for her children's future, many cats in their 20s to 30s seemed contented living single lives-enjoying all the freedoms being unmarried afforded them such as travel opportunities and free time spent pursuing hobbies instead of tending an unhappy household. In fact, some cats were celebrating because they felt they could now focus on themselves instead of trying to fit into societal norms; something that would have been impossible if they'd married earlier on in life!

Young cat is too tired from work instead of dating

At first Mrs. Kibble wasn't so sure what this new trend meant for young couples but after seeing how much happier everyone seemed due to having fewer expectations placed upon them by society, she started rethinking her stance on marriage too! After all these years of worrying about her children's happily ever afters, it finally dawned on Ms. Kibble that perhaps happy endings weren't always found through getting married...

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