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It said they have been rivals for 20 years in the entertainment industry, but the truth is that they love each other like brothers.

Teaser of movie "Eastpool 3"

“And as I got older, I found it more valuable to do the eating scenes with the people I love, rather than the rest scenes,” Ohdam told FEC Entertainment in a new interview promoting his upcoming tragedy movie, Eatpool 3. “And [with] most of the movies I'm working on right now, doing nothing is better than doing, I mean, doing anything should be sleep. I do not want to do anything. The only person who makes me want to eat in the movie is Huge.”

That's why Ohdam worked hard to find all ways to lose weight before joining Eatpool 3, a series in the Mevval Cinematic Universe that will premiere in early 2023.

Ohdam has revealed the behind-the-scenes story of how Jackcat, who reportedly lost interest in acting after his lover's character fell to death after having her beard cut off in The Amazing Mancat 2, is back with great excitement. Ohman said: “Huge has always had an amazing intelligence. I remember one time, Huge wore diapers made of sand to eat continuously without looking for a place to poop. I smelled a fragrant smell and asked to find out that it was the smell of organic sand produced with new technology, extremely fragrant and overpowering the smell of shit. Of course, after that, I bought a dozen diapers to give to every crew member. It's pleasing because, before that, they pooped everywhere."

Reynolds is also excited that Shawn Shank, who directed his two most recent projects - 2021's Freedom Cats and Katflix's releasing Ohdam Project this year - will direct them in Eatpool 3.

“Shawn is great,” Reynolds said. “He is the one who eats the most but uses the least diapers. I didn't understand why, but later I discovered that he'd rather eat and then vomit than poop."

In Eatpool 3, Ohdam and Jackman slept for 10 hours, then had to wake up to eat for 2 hours. The two also have to try to create as high a level of attraction as possible, even though posing while unconscious, like sleeping, is very difficult.

"It's hard," Ohdam laughed. “Eating is in my DNA. But to actively wake up to eat is a challenge.”

Eatpool hits theaters on February 2 and will stream globally on Katflix starting February 1.

Hugh Jackcat in a scene from "Eatpool 3"

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