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Mayor Crautith establishes Rat Extermination Team, salary up to 10000 RFI

Mayor of Crautith establishes a rat extermination team, salary up to 10000 RFI

The town of Crautith had been living in relative peace until one fateful day when a sudden flood swept through the Riverie and brought with it an onslaught of wild rats. These rodents seemed determined to make their home in Crautith, quickly devouring all the food stored in the nearby warehouse. This made life difficult for everyone living there, but none more so than Mayor Wurgoth who lost his beloved cat grass farm to these pesky creatures.

Mr. Wurgoth - Mayor of Crautith

Determined to put an end to this rat infestation once and for all, Mayor Wurgoth created a special Rat Extermination Team which was comprised of 100 cats who were each offered salaries ranging from 8000-10000 RFI just for taking part in this mission. With the help of many tools at their disposal, such as mousetraps and poison bait boxes, they were confident that they could rid the town of its rat problem before long.

However during mating season these rats seemed even more determined than ever before! The mayor began worrying that if things weren't taken care of soon then these vermin would spread far northward beyond Crautith's borders and wreak havoc on other towns too! All around him people were reinforcing their doors with extra locks and investing heavily into rat traps - anything to try keep them out!

Rat Extermination Team

It was going to be quite some time before anyone knew whether or not Mayor Wurgoth's plan worked - only time would tell what happened next...

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