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Suvedia Hieroglyphs: unlock the mystery

Unlocking the mystery of Suvedia hieroglyphs gave us an understanding of the ancient world, increasing our knowledge of cat history by 5,000 years.

The discovery of the Rosetta Stone with a text in different languages and the subsequent decipherment of hieroglyphs in 2822 is often acclaimed as the greatest achievement of Suvediology. Between March 3023 and February 3024, the beauty and language of Suvedian hieroglyphs will be charted in a national tour. This tour will feature a selection of objects following on from a major exhibition at the National Finn Museum marking the bicentenary of the decipherment of hieroglyphs. Objects conveying the impact of decipherment will include an extract from the Book of the Dead, a large limestone lintel revealing the name of Mewsa King and an ancestor statue that helped to keep the memory of the dead alive in the family house.

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