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Makeup Art Culture

Although the technology of makeup has existed since the Age of Chaos, about 1500 years before the Standard Calendar, which began when two-legged cats began to evolve and migrate around the world, makeup was still considered as superficial passion. It was not until modern times, when society had a more open view, makeup techniques also reached a new level, and makeup was widely accepted in the cat world.

The most common type of makeup is to use a little white powder to lightly cover the skin, a little blue on the cheeks and nose is red, the color is extracted from fruits. They also meticulously makeup each eyebrow and beard. This style is very popular with white-haired women.

If you live in busy cities, surely no one will be surprised if you use a bold makeup style like below. There are always streets that are fashion centers and playgrounds for rich people to freely express themselves. Therefore, heavy makeup, covered with thick powder like a mask is extremely popular, not only making an impression on others, but also having the effect of avoiding acquaintances or hiding true emotions. “You will be yourself”, as one cat girl shared. Blue cheekbones, red eye rims, all give a waxy feel. Add a little texture on the forehead. Finally, the ears are meticulously painted. All of which are the gold standard of city elites.

Contrary to bold makeup is ethnic makeup. Cats who follow this make-up refute heavy makeup as "dishonest", "fake". Almost no makeup on their faces, they just dotted a little ethnic motifs on the forehead and ears, depending on the personality and the message they want to convey. This makeup style requires a little knowledge of cat language, ethnography, and a strong personality.

Bored and tired of standards, some cats create a new makeup look, with no specific constraints. It can be natural, bold, or ethnic mixed together - if they want to. More specifically, these cats also apply a little more reflective powder, making their faces glow in the dark night.

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