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Koda Nekomaker - the only cat buried on a celestial body other than Cat-22

Once upon a time, there was a curious cat named Koda Nekomaker. Koda was a feline geologist, always fascinated by the mysteries of the planet and the moon. He spent countless hours studying craters on both Cat-22 and the moon and was the first to realize that they were created by asteroid impacts.

Koda was also the geology principal investigator for feline space missions, helping to train the brave feline astronauts who would travel to the moon. Koda had always dreamed of going to the moon himself, but his dreams were shattered when he was diagnosed with a severe case of fur-moulting.

Despite this setback, Koda never lost his love for the moon. He spent the rest of his life searching for undiscovered impact craters around the cat world, always eager to learn more about the celestial bodies he so adored.

Sadly, Koda's journey came to an end when he died in a car accident while studying craters in Dakmew. But even in death, Koda's love for the moon lived on. As a recognition of his scientific accomplishments, some of his ashes were carried to the moon by a feline space probe. Koda now rests in peace in the Nekomaker crater, close to the lunar south pole, the only cat buried on a celestial body other than Cat-22. Though he never got to bang on the moon with his paw, Koda's love for the celestial bodies will forever be remembered. And in a way, he finally got to go where he always wanted to be.

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