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How to become an astronaut

Astronauts on the International Space Station (ISS) typically spend 09 to 12 months in space beyond the planet Cat-22. During this time, they will do missions assigned by the Finn Space Agency (FAA), admiring the beautiful planet Cat-22 and stargaze whenever they want. There are two to four spacecraft are launched to search for life in space every year, the crew usually returning after a few years of drifting in endless space.

Many cats from a young age have had the desire to be an astronaut for reasons such as: to wear beautiful protective gear, to see space, to touch the stars, etc. Maybe these are just wishful wishes, but if you or your loved one really wants dream comes true, here's a guide to help you get an overview of this future "work".

Meil I'm Strong, the first astronaut in cat world

1. Learn from an early age

For all cats, getting on a spaceship takes a lot of more time, effort, and knowledge than stepping on a ground vehicle. Space technology in Cat-22 is extremely advanced, but the truth is technology can only help astronauts when they understand and control the technology.

The process of learning and perceiving about space technology usually takes about 5-6 years at training schools specifically for astronauts, but they are only for cats of full age - 12 years old. However, if cats have a passion from a young age in reading materials, finding information, and trying out space-related experiments, they will learn faster when learning formally later. In primary schools around the world, governments have always welcomed young cats with a sense of their future. As long as the children show interest or passion for a certain profession, the teachers will guide, advise, and even invite experts to help them understand and nurture their passion from an early age. Of course, there will be astronaut jobs or people who do work related to space.

Some books to read about space, for young audiences

or those who are new to the field:

• Encyclopedia of the universe, 5 volumes, by Otios Eath

• Space - time, by Otios Eath

• The Ultimate Point of the Universe, by Bungofeyn Wild

• From the most distant galaxies, by Gloomcoyote Smart

2. Practice

FAA-U, under the Finn Aerospace Agency, is the largest and most prestigious school for training scientists and astronauts. Here, teachers always tell their students that practice is one of the most important things that you have to do. To launch a ship into space, to float outside the universe, you need to practice. Because technical numbers on paper are nothing without a cat implementing them.

For an astronaut training program, practice is usually divided into two parts. One is to keep the body and muscles strong and supple. Cat practitioners will need to perform various exercises to ensure they are healthy enough to live in outer space without any illness. Exercises can be mentioned such as: endurance running, rope climbing, swimming, diving, high jump. The second part of practice is getting used to the environment inside the space stations, or testing when launching / landing. These practice sessions are called “adaptations”, they help their students understand and know their future living environment.

Otios Eath, author of Encyclopedia of the universe, is an astronaut too

3. Always keep faith and determination

According to FAA-U, each year the school only accepts about 500 students with extremely difficult entrance exams. The training process also causes about 30-40% of these to leave school before the end of the 6-year course. It means that students have to face with hardly lessons and pressure as well.

The amount of lessons and practice at school can be overwhelming for many impatient cats. The trainees both have to update their knowledge of the universe, work continuously to stay healthy, and even need to follow a special diet for astronauts. Without an "iron" determination and passion, it is very difficult for a cat to finish 6 years of schooling and officially work at CASA.

Because of such hardships and challenges, each FAA astronaut is the pride of Cat-22 and one of the world's beliefs in the greatest mission of all humanity - rediscovering the planet. ancestral spirits of the past. Don't hesitate if you or a young family member has a special interest in space, because even though it's difficult, you can absolutely become an excellent astronaut in the future!

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