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Lasaer Votdeen's Uaphura got injured right before the new season

Hitter of the lasaer Votdeen team - Uaphura Carrter, suffered a leg injury just two months before the 670th world championship.

According to a local reporter, on the afternoon of November 12, the athlete Uaphura fell from a height while trying to get a ball from the top of a tree. The doctor said that the strong impact with the ground caused a fracture in his right hind leg. Uaphura will not be able to active for at least the next 3 months.

Athlete Uaphura Carrter

Uaphura didn't seem too disappointed with his injury, saying “I feel a little sore in my leg, but not too upset about the tournament. I believe my teammates will give their best and win this year's trophy. Our coach said that the whole team has improved a lot after training at Paws Island this summer. There is nothing to worry about it, my spirit is still very good and you can believe that I will come back stronger next summer."

The captain of the lasaer team - Votdeen said he will spend time on recovering in Votdeen with his family. He feels the injury is also a way to help him stay at home a little longer, after traveling and training far away from home all year coming.

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