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Feline Joys of a Spring Day

By Adam Cruise

The sun rises high, the birds take flight,

I stretch my paws, ready for the light.

A bowl of milk, my drink of choice,

I purr with delight, I hear my voice.

I roam the yard, chasing butterflies,

I leap and pounce, with feline guise.

I bask in warmth, of this spring day,

I purr and nap, in my own way.

I think of naps, on windowsills,

Of chasing mice, and eating frills.

Of grooming fur, and feeling sleek,

I am content, with just a meek.

So rise with me, on this fine day,

Embrace the spring, in our own way.

Let us bask, in sun and breeze,

In joy and peace, our feline ease.

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