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The oldest cat in the world just turned 85 years old

Bahgigoth Pudus - the Cat lives in Riverie was known as the oldest cat in the world in 2511, at the age of 109.

On November 21 of this year, Mr. Bahgigoth will turn 120 years old and celebrate his long life with family. It is known that his wife - Mrs. Peiw Pudus was also 107 years old in February.

Bagidog's portrait is hung in his private room

Bahgigoth Pudus was born and spent the first years of his life in Finn's capital, Sie. In 2603 Bahgigoth followed his uncle Caklan to the Riverie on a fishing trip. The vast river area makes Bahgigoth boy feel overwhelmed and immediately want to live here for a long time.

Learning a trade from his uncle and experienced villagers from Xerendei (a town by the sea south of the Riverie), Bahgigoth quickly adapted and became a pretty good fisherman. In 2623, he married the cat Peiw Pjea of ​​Xerendei and they had seven children together.

Bahgigoth still went fishing until he was 77 years old when he retired. The old man witty said that the secret to living a healthy and beautiful life to this day is due to his beautiful wife and smart children, especially having to eat fish cooked by his wife every day.

Mr. Bahgigoth Pudus at the age of 109

Mr. Bahgigoth Pudus at the age of 84

Mr. Bahgigoth Pudus at the age of 65

Mr. Bahgigoth Pudus at the age of 57

Mr. Bahgigoth Pudus at the age of 12

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