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Aurora in Nicomont can appear all year round, but the most beautiful and magical scence is in late autumn and winter.

Rainbow Aurora, photographed by photographer Cadriel Vretiel in 2518

The town of Nicomont is located on a 100km narrow strip of land connecting the Underie and the northernmost Willingterre, with the Stoughbourg Sea on one side and the Parrey Sea on the other. Although the climate is cold all year round, nature gives this land beautiful scenery in autumn and winter.

It's only the beginning of December, but the average temperature in the mountains north of the Underie has dropped by 6 degrees compared to 2521. The cold weather makes the aurora phenomenon appear more sparkling than every year. Many tourists as well as photographers have been eager to come to the town of Nicomont to be immersed in this magical space.

Cadriel Vretiel, a professional aurora hunting photographer, says: “Every winter I travel around the northernmost part of Cat-22 to photograph the aurora. Each region has its own beauty, but the aurora in Nicomont has always fascinated me the most. The moving bands of color in the night sky of this mountainous region always make my limbs tremble.”

Beautiful aurora borealis in the sky of Nicomont early this winter

The activity that tourists like most when coming to this land is camping and sleeping overnight under the aurora. In the afternoon, visitors will arrive at the campsite, usually a coastal area or an open space located on the outskirts of the town of Nicomont. In the evening, they ate dinner beside the tent, chatting while enjoying the view of the sky.

Visitors prepare their own camping gear and food and drink, or can hire the services of the local people here. Services include tents, local specialities, drinks, and even cat grass to increase the level of chill. Mr. Miraclo Punpun from Forestie said, “My husband and I come here every year to see the Northern Lights and every year we are moved beyond words, partly because of the beautiful scenery and partly because of the cat grass of the K'tul people here. It especially stimulate than elsewhere.”

Camping tents of tourists who came to see the aurora on the mountain, but now they are sleeping.

For cats who don't like to sleep in the open air, they can visit the town of Nicomont to watch the aurora from inside warm homes. Residents of the town are very hospitable and create many tourist services during this season. Knorgh Snog - owner of a small hotel, said, “I really enjoyed this year-end event because of its vibrant atmosphere. Today, I got to know a young cat boy from Dhamamuru island, oh how muscular and handsome he is. He invited me to the lake to see the aurora tomorrow night. I've seen the aurora since I was a kid, day by day it's worn out my eyes. But that's okay, this time I'll have something else to look at. Oh, what a wonderful winter."

Nicomon town in winter under the magical aurora.

While there's much fun and excitement to be had in the town, experts say temperatures in the Nicomont mountains are extremely low, especially at night. Therefore, the cats coming here need to carefully prepare clothes as well as equipment to keep warm during the trip, to protect themselves and to experience the aurora to the fullest.

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