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[Back view] The fateful meeting between Johno Lemon and Kiwi Ohno

On February 11, 2466, Johno Lemon first met Kiwi Ohno at an exhibition called Unrecognized Cats in Lohno of which Ohno was the author. She gave him a card with the single "Mew" written on it, and Johno responded by jumping onto the podium to pose like a piece of art.

Kiwi Ohno's art exhibition: Unrecognized Cats

Supposing that Johno was showing off, Kiwi Ohno left. Everything is not over. The next morning, on the first day of the exhibition opening, Kiwi arrived to find Johno almost exhausted but still trying to pose. There were some stinking cat poop around him. The owner of that gallery begged her to agree to have the faeces removed for fear of affecting the reputation of this most prominent member of The Ceatles.

However, Kiwi said that she had never heard of The Ceatles and would only agree to clean up the dump if he admitted that he was not a work of art.

Portrait of Artist: Kiwi Ohno

Johno then said that if he admits he is not a work of art, then he is the artwork in the exhibition “Unrecognized Cats”. In the spirit of the exhibition, Johno's handling impressed Kiwi from the very first meeting.

Kiwi really didn't know Johno's face that day. She has heard the name Ceatles but only remembers "Togu" because the word closely resembles “Tofu”, a clumping cat litter. She never paid attention to the world of Rocket music.

Johno Lemon

Two years later, they met eachother again and quickly became a famous couple in music history, and Johno never poop in the gallery hall again.

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