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The mayor of Rutburn- Ms. Suzanna Symeon had been living a peaceful life in the town of Rutburn for 24 years, before her world was suddenly turned upside down. It all started with an innocent conversation with her neighbor, who let slip that her husband - Suzanna's other half - had been seeing another cat. At first she refused to believe it, but eventually she had no choice but to accept the truth. She confronted him and demanded he tell her everything about his affair; unfortunately for Suzanna, this only confirmed what she already knew.

Suzanna's other half - had been seeing another cat

With heavy heart and trembling hands, Suzanna divorced Symeon and declared adultery punishable by imprisonment in the town of Rutburn. Accordingly, any cat who commits adultery while in a marital relationship will be sentenced to at least two years in prison. Most cats were supportive of this decision as they understood how difficult it can be when trust is broken within a marital relationship. To show their appreciation towards Ms Symeon’s bold action, most residents even proposed that this law should apply throughout Finn and even Cat-22 world!

Notice board is located at Ruthburn Square

It took a lot of courage for Ms Suzanne Symeon to enact such a drastic change while dealing with personal loss at the same time – but ultimately justice has prevailed in Rutburn!

The mayor of Rutburn- Ms. Suzanna Symeon

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