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A review of writer Walter Kinge's detective series

As a reader, I recently had the opportunity to delve into Walter Kinge's detective series and while I did enjoy some aspects of the books, I must say that I felt the series was overly drawn out. Each of the books seemed to be too lengthy and failed to keep me engaged throughout. I found myself frequently skimming pages just to get to the resolution of the case.

One of the key issues I had with the series was the slow pace. The detective, who was the main character, seemed to take an excessive amount of time to gather information and piece together the clues. This made the reading experience slow and at times, tedious. Additionally, the repetition of certain elements in each book, such as the detective's thought processes, only added to the feeling that the series was dragging on.

Another problem I encountered was the lack of character development. While the detective was well-written and relatable in the first book, I felt that his character remained static throughout the series. I was hoping to see some growth and evolution of the character as the series progressed, but unfortunately, this was not the case. This left me feeling uninvested in the outcome of the story and wanting more from the characters.

In conclusion, while Walter Kinge's detective series had its moments, I ultimately felt that it was too long and failed to live up to its potential. The slow pace and lack of character development left me feeling underwhelmed and longing for a more engaging reading experience.

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