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A painting by artist Moti Huu sold for a record price of 27.8 million RFI

Recently, a painting by artist Moti Hugt was sold for a record price of 27.8 million RFI in an auction on December 11.

Moti Hugt had been painting his entire life, but it was only in the last few years that he started to make a name for himself. His portraits of aristocrats were popular among the upper class and allowed him to get by. But what really set Moti apart from other painters was his abstract works. Unlike most painters who created beautiful paintings with bright colors and pleasant scenes, Moti's paintings were dark and brooding. They seemed to depict the inner turmoil of his soul - an emptiness that no one else could understand.

The exhibition was a great success

Though Moti kept most of his abstract pieces hidden away, one particular painting called "Confusion" made its way into an auction house on December 11th where it sold for a record-breaking $27.8 million RFI! The painting depicted various faces contorted in suffering and confusion as if they too were trying to grapple with their own inner demons like Moti did throughout his life.

Self-portrait by artist Moti Hugt

The news quickly spread across the art world, garnering international attention while also sparking controversy amongst critics who questioned why such an obscure artist should be rewarded so lavishly when there are so many other deserving artists out there in need of recognition? Despite this criticism however, more people than ever before began taking notice of Moti’s artwork – something which would have made him proud even though he never lived long enough to witness it himself...

The painting called "Confusion" by Moti Hugt

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