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This cat can split the sky

Dear TCW,

I’m a Taoist (yes, we do know about technology). Our world is full of surprises, and we are familiar with mystery and magic. But this story I’m going to tell you is the most bizarre thing I’ve ever encountered.

I’m studying Taoist art and Kungfu in the school of Master Liang Tzu.

One day, I was in the jungle, watching my brothers demonstrate their incredible Chi abilities. Each of them slashed the air, breaking a tree and a mountain with ease.

Just when I thought I had seen it all, a mysterious cat named Leegeeske appeared. The Master introduced it to us, and we gathered around in anticipation. When Leegeeske performed a Chi slash, something extraordinary happened. The sky seemed to split in two, revealing both day and night.

It was absolutely mesmerizing, leaving everyone in awe.

Little did we know, this magical display was just an illusion. Through shared meditation, we were able to tap into a collective consciousness, where our minds melded together, creating this mind-bending spectacle.

But, I still wonder, what if that cat is merely an illusion or a real entity?

I hope this story helps you. If you need any information, contact me. We’re willing to help.

Best regards,

Zhing Lau

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