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The fashion show turned weird before my eyes

Dear TCW team,

As a devoted fashion enthusiast, I recently attended a fashion show that left me questioning the boundaries between imagination and reality. Upon reading your recent post and recalling the peculiar creature's shape, I felt compelled to share my unique experience with you, which I think is what you are seeking for.

In attendance at a recent fashion runway event, I found myself witnessing a hallucination. It started with the models gracefully paraded down the catwalk, adhering to the standard fashion show routine, until an unexpected twist unfolded.

A model appeared without a head, eliciting gasps and puzzled expressions from the crowd below. The intrigue deepened as a second model followed, missing a leg, attempting a hop down the runway only to experience a dramatic and unexpected fall. The third model, in a surprising turn of events, sported the head of a duck, sparking a bewilderment among the audience.

The audience's reaction became even more intriguing when the mystery behind these unusual occurrences was revealed behind the scenes. A wall unexpectedly fell, exposing a bizarre scene. The runway, it turned out, was not merely a platform for showcasing fashion but a factory assembly line.

The orchestrator of this peculiar show was none other than a cat, a colossal feline comfortably stationed next to the assembly line, blissfully asleep. It has a red nose, bug eyes and two black dots on his cheeks.

It seems that the cat's impromptu nap allowed unfinished products to escape the gate, leading to the emergence of the error models with no one to guide them out of the line.

As abruptly as the hallucination began, I woke up to the realization that nothing strange had actually occurred at the show. Nonetheless, I couldn't resist sharing this whimsical anecdote with the TCW team. I hope you find the story amusing and perhaps even inspiring for your future endeavors.

Thank you for your time, and I eagerly anticipate any thoughts or reactions you may have regarding this uniquely imaginative fashion show experience.

Best regards,

Dora Marshalin

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