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I saw the cat when I'm high


Check it, I know this might sound like I'm high, but I gotta lay this story on ya 'cause I'm pretty damn sure it's up your alley.

So, peep this – I'm rocking a cannabis field. Don't bother askin' where 'cause I ain't spillin' the beans.

So I'm grindin' through another brutal day in my little slice of green paradise. It's that hard hustle, you know?. While I'm tending to my crop, outta nowhere comes this wild vision – a bizarre cat with big red nose, bug eyes and those two dots on it's cheek on a pink unicorn, blasting lasers into my plants! I'm rubbing my eyes, thinking I'm seeing things, and boom, crop circles start forming.

This freaking cat and its magical ride messing up my livelihood right in front of me. Anger builds up, and I dash to my beat-up biplane, chasing them into the skies, firing like a madman with my rifle. We're doing loops and dives, shots fired as we dance among the clouds. Lucky shot connects, and they crash, wrecking half my crops.

I land, but as I get closer, the whole thing fades away. No cat, no unicorn, no bullet holes. Just my plants trampled in bizarre patterns. It hits me – none of it was real. It was all in my head, a vivid daydream.

I drop to my knees in the messed-up plants. Another season down the drain and I got nothin. I spark my pipe with the last of my harvest to ease the hurt.

But what can I be certain is that, I wanna find that cat. I told you mine and it’s your turn. Let me know your stories about it.

Josh. Just Josh.

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