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I saw the cat on the street today


Hope you guys are doing good. I'm reaching out to share an interesting encounter I had recently. After reading your posts, I thought you might be intrigued to hear that I came across the peculiar cat you've been discussing.

Around 3 pm yesterday, as I strolled down the street near my home in L.A., I spotted a feline matching the description – big red nose, bug eyes, and two black dots on its cheek. It could have been an illusion, but I witnessed it firsthand. The cat seemed fixated on a wanted notice posted on a wall, featuring its own image. In a surprising turn of events, the cat donned a hat, and to my amazement, the image on the wanted notice reflected the same change.

The cat then engaged in a series of bizarre acts, attempting to alter its appearance by cutting whiskers and painting itself red, all of which were mimicked by the cat in the picture. It wasn't until I woke up that I realized it was merely a dream, and the wanted notice pertained to a regular criminal, not a cat.

I hope you find this anecdote amusing. If you have any further information or insights, please do share.

Take care and looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,

Louis Lone

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