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I met that cat while I was drunk

Dear TCW,

I came across your post on X and immediately thought of the strange incident I experienced a few days ago with a peculiar cat. The cat has a big, funny-looking red nose, like a carrot, with bulging eyes, unlike any cat I've seen before. It appeared a few days ago, in my dream.

Currently, I’m working as a sculptor, and I have a small studio of my own in my hometown. One day, as usual, I was carving a stone into a figure. I don't know why, but that day I was working with this weird kind of excitement. The sculpture I crafted might just be one of my best pieces; it was bursting with life.

Feeling pretty satisfied, I decided to reward myself with a shot of whiskey. Out of the blue, the sculpture started moving. It grabbed a glass and began pouring a drink for me. I thought I was tipsy. We clinked glasses and had quite an interesting chat.

The next morning, I woke up in shock. The room was filled with about 15 figures shaped like that cat—big nose, bulging eyes—frozen in different poses. The lingering tiredness in my arm muscles was a reminder that I had crafted each one, one by one, during a drunken artistic spree. Even now, I can't believe what happened.

I'm not sure if that cat is the one you're really looking for. But I hope this information helps in some way.

Best regards,

Shang Lee

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