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I'm a damn shark bait

Hey TCW,

Not sure if my story fits the bill, but I think my dream's worth a shot.

In my dream, I'm cruising through the open ocean, living my best life, and suddenly, bam! Shark fin breaks the surface. Cue the freak-out.

But hold up, it's not a shark—it's this weird cat rocking a red nose and bug eyes, wearing the fin like a hat and giving me a sly grin.

Thought it was just a prank by the cheeky pussy, but then what happened next was a lot more crazy! A colossal shark pops up. And the cat? It’s just A HAT, my buddy, a disguise to mess with my head. Panic mode kicked in as the shark heads my way, but hold up, things got even crazier—it gets lifted into the air. Can you believe it?

Dream plot thickens. I'm unwittingly part of a crazy scenario. The cat's on this massive ship, using me as bait to reel in megalodons. Dream ends abruptly, leaving me baffled and amazed.

Something tells me that I should be sharing this wild and wacky dream with you guys. Maybe it adds some more details to your investigation. Excited to hear your thoughts.

Anyway, as the scene might be hard to imagine, I'm sending you a pic I drew to describe it below. Sorry, I’m so good at drawing.


Hughe Gaiman

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