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'The Moon' swallowed our satellite

Dear esteemed members of The Cat Witnesses,

I trust this correspondence finds you well.

My name is Dr. Eliot Parage, and I am a researcher affiliated with a renowned space research center.

I am writing to share a peculiar experience encountered during a recent satellite mission dedicated to exploring the far side of the Moon.

The far side of the Moon has perpetually intrigued scientists as an enigmatic and uncharted region. In our pursuit of unveiling its mysteries, we deployed a satellite named SL-032, designed in the semblance of a dragonfly.

During the satellite's orbital trajectory around the Moon, an astonishing revelation transpired within the confines of the control room - a colossal cat face seemingly imprinted on the lunar surface. This observation was made firsthand as I monitored the satellite's telemetry on the display screen. I was shocked at that moment by what I saw.

To my disbelief, the feline entity exhibited behavior reminiscent of speculative fiction. It opened its mouth in a manner resembling that of a frog and projected a lengthy tongue, ensnaring our dragonfly satellite.

In an unsettling sequence of events, the satellite appeared to be crushed by the entity's sharp teeth, evoking a disconcerting semblance to a horror film.

However, in a sudden reversal, the apparition dissipated, leaving the satellite intact and continuing its mission undisturbed.

Despite my genuine reaction, it has come to my attention that none of my colleagues in the room corroborate the same observation. Through some of my subsequent inquiries, it has been confirmed that this surreal experience appears to be a unique perceptual phenomenon, confined to my own senses.

Given the circumstances, it is my belief that The Cat Witnesses may be the only organization genuinely inclined to consider my account without dismissing it as a fanciful illusion from an elderly individual. I would be immensely grateful for any assistance you can offer in providing clarity or context to this perplexing incident.

Thank you for your attention and consideration.


Doctor Eliot Parage

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