The Ebon Misty Forest is located north of Votdeen, in the territory of the town of Ebon, with an average elevation of 500 meters above sea level. The entire forest is located in a valley sandwiched between the northern and southern Kensingboro mountain ranges, and to the west it borders the Parrrey Sea. Located in a low-lying terrain, surrounded by high mountains, this place is almost isolated from the outside. In Ebon, the forest is foggy for most of the year, the weather is usually wet and cool, rarely hot.

- Lake Whispering: In the last days of spring, the foggy forest will have about 2 weeks of clear weather, less fog and sunshine. At this time, cats from all over will flock to Whispering Lake to admire the ancient trees in the middle of the lake blooming and glowing in the sun. Ebon custom holds that spring sunbathing by the lake and looking at the flowers of the ancient Ebon tree will make cats dispel diseases, drive away bad luck and welcome good luck in the future.
- During the rest of the year, the cats also often paddle on the lake, enjoying a moment of stillness and peace. The lake's area is up to 15 square kilometers, so even if there are hundreds of boats walking on the lake, it is difficult for them to see each other under the dense fog.

      Mirfield Farm: This is the place where Ebon's famous cat grass is grown with a flavor that is considered "infused with the tranquility of the mountains". This cat grass was created by a very random way. In the year 350 AD, a cat named Mir moved from Skie to the mountains to pursue agriculture. During the first few years, Mir repeatedly failed with crops that were barely enough to eat but save much. The lack of sunshine, year-round humid climate of Ebon makes any food crops Mir grows stunted. Neighbors repeatedly advised Mir that Ebon was only suitable for afforestation and forest farming, not for growing food, and advised Mir to change jobs. Facing defeat, Mir dejectedly went to the stream to drink with cat grass and dried fish for an entire afternoon. Drunk and sad, Mir decided that if the next crop didn't work out, he would leave the country and go, or find another job to do leisurely.


      A few days later, when going to the stream to get water, Mir was surprised to find that the place where he was drinking the other day had sprouted cat grass. Mir casually grabbed a bunch of grass and put it to his mouth to chew and was surprised to feel a completely different taste of cat grass compared to the common grass imported from Skie. In Mir's mouth was now something sweet, fragrant and cool like morning dew, when swallowed, there was still a very faint taste of the delicious wine he used to drink. Mir quickly decided that next season he would plant a garden of cat grass like this, incubating the seeds in wine and sowing the seeds in a patch of land right by the stream. Cat grass grows lush and green, bringing a bountiful harvest. Then one garden became two, then three, and finally an entire Mirfield cat and grass farm spread out over many adjacent hills. The whole town of Ebon rejoiced with Mir as from now on they could enjoy the most premium cat grass that only this place has. Since then, Mirfield Farm has been passed down from generation to generation by Mir and still exists and develops to this day, becoming the main source of dew-drenched cat grass for the whole country of Merrowbarrow.-


      At Mirfield farm, visitors have the opportunity to participate in a tour to experience the actual planting or harvesting of dew-drenched cat grass. The management only has a small hill for tourism, so the area for this service is not much. If you want to participate in the experience, visitors need to book tickets 1 to 2 weeks in advance to avoid running out of seats.

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