The Votdeen Forest, south of Skie, was first discovered in the 200s BC by explorers during the Landing Period. The total area of ​​the Votdeen forest is about 1 million square kilometers. Votdeen is so vast that if a cat wanted to go all its way from east to west, it would take at least a month of nonstop walking. In the early years of the Standard calendar, the Cat Saints and King Skie I agreed to choose the Votdeen forest as the site of the Forestie state. Therefore, the entire country of Forestie lies within the Votdeen forest.

Votdeen forest has an extremely diverse and rich flora and fauna system, accompanied by many unique indigenous cultures. Most of the villages crowded with cats are located next to the Votd River - a gentle river that weaves through the heart of the forest with many branches.

Coming to Votdeen forest, visitors can experience many festivals of different cat races. The most famous is the summer festival in Noca located in the center of Votdeen, where Lake Coalcona is located and also the heart of the Forestie. On the main day of the festival, the number of cats flocking to Noca can reach 50,000.

Deep in the old forests of Votdeen are cat races with long ancient cultures. In the past, these cat tribes lived very closed lives and forbade other cats from entering their land. However, in the 500s, some cat races began to be more open about sharing their culture with the outside world. These tribes gradually allowed cats from other places to visit and live with them for a short period of time for research purposes. Initially, cats came from other places mainly scientists - biologists. Many years later, the cats who love backpacking have discovered the excitement of these ancient cat villages, and cats flock here to travel more and more. Gradually, coming to experience the old cat village in the old forest of Votdeen is increasingly popular, and the cat residents see it as a big step forward for Forestie's tourism industry.

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